Holiday Entertaining Starts In Your Kitchen 

The holidays are a joyous time with family and friends, but many homeowners face the challenge of how they are going to be able to entertain with limited space. Over the years, I have had clients confide in me that they had to skip hosting the holidays because they were not able to entertain large numbers of guests. After the holidays is a great time to assess your home and start jotting down ideas for your dream kitchen so you can make plans for the remodel you may have been putting off. 

Summer of Color Makes Big Splash In Arts Minded Beach Town 

By Judit Laufer

The village of Laguna Beach, with over 100 art galleries and studios and world renowned arts festivals, has drawn art lovers from all over the world to its picturesque seven mile coastline. Now art lovers have one more reason to come to Laguna: To view its newest art exhibit labeled “Summer of Color.” 


Insignia Mortgage Secures Funding for Complex Loans 

Although the infamous mortgage crisis occurred over ten years ago, and OC home prices have rebounded past pre-recession highs, banks and most other major lending institutions are still imposing the stringent standards devised in response to the decade old occurrence. Two years of income verification, strict loan to value guidelines, and specified debt asset ratios are the standard criteria traditionally used to grant home loans at market lending rates. 


Levik’s Jewelers Delights Unique Tastes with Custom Created Designs

Levik’s Jewelers, newly opened in Crystal Cove Shopping Center, imbues family values in an elegant, welcoming environment. With four generations of innovative craftsmanship behind its array of offerings, this gem of a boutique, owned and operated by the Ghazarian family, showcases special occasion and everyday jewelry for those seeking one-of-a-kind, custom made adornments.