Levik’s Jewelers Delights Unique Tastes with Custom Created Designs

By Rita Goldberg


Levik’s Jewelers has since migrated its stores and artful jewelry creations to Southern California where the family’s youngest generation has opened its newest location in the Crystal Cove Shopping Center in Newport Coast - the first location in Orange County. 

Levik’s Jewelers offers its clients the opportunity to design their own custom jewelry using GIA and EGL certified loose diamonds and 18K gold, with the assistance of a team led by Andre Ghazarian, who is first generation American but fourth generation jeweler. 

Levik’s Jewelers, newly opened in Crystal Cove Shopping Center, imbues family values in an elegant, welcoming environment. With four generations of innovative craftsmanship behind its array of offerings, this gem of a boutique, owned and operated by the Ghazarian family, showcases special occasion and everyday jewelry for those seeking one-of-a-kind, custom made adornments. 

The story of the Ghazarian family business is rooted in Eastern Europe as a father and son operated boutique jewelry store, selling antique jewelry and engagement rings while building strong customer relationships with the local community. 

For Andre, the talent and passion for jewelry designing is deeply rooted in his bloodlines while his custom line is primarily modern. A graduate of the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Andre’s skill set is well developed. 

“Although, I may have inherited my talent and creativity from my father, grandfather and great grandfather, my style is uniquely my own,” says Andre. Each member of the family has a signature style evident in the array of dazzling creations that are on display. 

“My designs veer towards the use of precious gemstones such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds set in unexpected configurations,” he explains. “My father’s signature style is evident in the diamond cocktail rings that define his hallmark and my grandfather’s creations are Art Deco inspired.” 

Andre’s inspiration comes from his environment, taking cues from eye-catching architecture and elements of fashion. “I will look at a building and infuse its structure into my creations,” explains Andre. “Even the colors and prints on the fabric of the clothes worn by a passerby will implant in my creative psyche and lead to my next design. I am always watching and thinking of ways to incorporate my surroundings into my work.” 

Clients also get to participate in the design of their creations. Andre enjoys collaborating with customers who have a vision for their coveted item. “I enjoy sitting down with someone who wants to create the design of a one-of-a-kind dream piece.” The sophisticated computer software available in the store enables such clients to see a three dimensional version to preview the finished product before it is made. 

Selling jewelry for this family is second nature. “We know everything about each piece we carry,” offers Andre. “When you make the jewelry, as opposed to purchasing it from an outside source, you know exactly what it is. The quality of the stone, the composition of the metal, and the expertise of the setting are all validated and guaranteed.” 


Levik’s Jewelers at the Cove 7882 East Coast Hwy., Newport Coast, CA 949.715.3899 leviksjewelers.com