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Horst Architects: Designed for California Living

Horst Noppenberger recalls visiting Laguna Beach for the first time when he was ten years old. “We had just moved to California and my father wanted to show me the city he described as the most beautiful place he had ever seen,” tells Horst during an interview meeting in his second story Laguna Beach office, overlooking the vibrant town he has called home for more than 35 years. 

Julie Laughton Design Build: Where Creativity Meets With Precision 

Watching Julie Laughton at one of her worksites, imposingly clad in her de rigeur uniform of jeans, boots and a crisply starched white shirt, commanding the reverence of a crew of workers that would intimidate the most manly of men, makes you want to immediately put her in charge of your remodel - maybe even your life. The highly successful owner of a construction company that employs over 50 workers, full time and sub, is impressively skilled, talented and hard working - and she demands those attributes from everyone on her team. With Laughton at the helm of your home redesign, everything from the cement foundation to the fabrics of your cushions will be done right. This licensed and credentialed contractor/architect/space planner/landscaper/ designer always has her client’s back. 


Pure Elements Water 

Providing A Healthier and More Convenient Home Lifestyle, One Drop At A Time

What set out in the beginning as a simple concept to integrate clean, purified water throughout the home has now grown into a full-scale custom “Total Property” filtration system that addresses water quality throughout, including the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, pools, spas and even landscaping. At the same time, these specialty water systems have a proven track record for preventing pinhole leaks in copper plumbing. Over 39 years later, since his early days at USC, Pure Elements Water founder and CEO Rick Allen shares his passion for health and the environment by improving water quality utilized in homes day after day. 


The Cloistered Collection’s - Inspired Antiques and Unique Art 

Corona del Mar’s new boutique space offers European antique furniture
and art for interior designers and their clients 

Home design enthusiasts have much to celebrate with the recently opened Cloistered Collection, a beautiful, airy and elegant boutique space tucked off Carnation Street in Corona del Mar. Featuring exquisite European antique furniture and unique decor, the shop caters to interior designers and individual clients alike.