Jojo Romeo Brings Positive Energy and Attitude of Gratitude to Home Selling

By Rita Goldberg

Even though I was told that I’d love JoJo Romeo, Orange County’s preeminent luxury property realtor, I had my doubts. In the back of my head, I was thinking, “Here we go again, yet another interview with a self-absorbed, Newport Beach agent... This one was a reality TV star to boot!” I could already feel myself yawning. So, I order a triple shot grande sugar-free vanilla breve, to get my energy up for the riveting conversation I was about to have, and reviewed some notes while I waited for her at Starbucks... 

Right on time, she pulled up. Of course it was in a white Maserati with red leather interior. She stepped out of her “look at me, rolling status symbol”, all legs and immaculately dressed to the nines. “How cliché.” I thought. It didn’t help my prejudice that she was movie star good-looking – in a head-turning kind of way that could result in whiplash. 


She shot her hand and shook mine vigorously. A firm grip, looked me in the eyes, knew my name and had done her homework on me... Not what I expected... This interview quickly transformed into a conversation with what seemed to be a long-lost friend, which was riveting (this time minus the sarcasm) The old adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, never rang truer, than with JoJo Romeo. She is an amazing person. Yes, she is stunning on the her exterior in a very obvious and classic way which we all notice. But it is the content of her character that melted my heart. She was humble and vulnerable, funny and smart. She has had some tough knocks along the meandering road of life and she owned up to many regrets, but her mantra “AFOG,” another freaking opportunity for growth, the acronym she coined as her guiding principle through life, has enabled her to invert any negative situation and turn it into a positive. For this go-getter, obstacles are merely learning experiences to grow from. 

“When something bad happens, I am not going to marinate in it or play the ‘poor me’ role,” asserts this single mother of five, whose busy life leaves no time to ruminate. Jojo insists every experience leads to an opportunity to activate. In fact her position in the title business led her to her current role as a leading real estate agent at Surterre Properties. “As a Title Rep, I worked with many agents and recognized and pursued the opportunity to embark on a successful career in the real estate industry.” 

Once Jojo obtained her license and aligned with an agency, she confidently began knocking on doors in search of listings. It only took three knocks to get her first client, resulting in a $6 million dual transaction. From there, she hit the ground running. By the end of her first year as an agent, she closed $25 million. Year two resulted in $50 million of transactions. In her third year she amassed $75 million in closings. One of her most recent listings was sold at a record price, in its category, in the neighborhood’s history. But for Jojo, whether she is selling a $23 million oceanfront estate or an $800,000 starter home, the work ethic, professional pride and concierge service she brings to each listing is the same. As an agent for Surterre Properties, which expertly handles her advertising and marketing needs and provides a supportive and professional work environment, Jojo is able to allocate her time to her clients. 

“My clients always get 100% of me,” she says, explaining the key to her award winning status. Jojo also attributes her success in the real estate industry to her ever present state of gratitude, garnered from her embarkment on a spiritual journey that set her on a path of intuitiveness and positive energy, which she brings to every listing. 

“When I go into a house, I assess its energy and vibe. I believe that every home conveys its own emotional make up that prospective buyers can feel upon entry. A well appointed home should feel like a warm hug,” says Jojo, who is also Feng Shui certified and applies that skill set to showcasing homes. 


As a person, Jojo is a complex integration of overpowering strength and relatable vulnerability. She is as equally at ease expertly negotiating high-net deals as she is curled up on her sofa and composing soul-baring poetry. Clients trust her because they get to know the real Jojo. Friends and associates trust her too. As a role model and proponent of ongoing personal growth, Jojo runs a monthly Women’s Empowerment group which she facilitates and hosts in her home. But she wasn’t always so comfortable in her skin. Her journey to authenticity took her through an intensive immersion of emotional introspection where she faced and learned to overcome all the raw feelings that held her back. The eye-opening shift in her spiritual energy that resulted has propelled her to her current state of professional clarity and an undistracted focus that is the hallmark of her success. But real estate is not the only platform were Jojo shines. Motherhood is her first and foremost love. 

“My children are my greatest accomplishment. The way they love each other and relish family time together is my greatest joy,” says Jojo. “I did that right! So I have the ultimate reason to start each day with genuine gratitude.” 


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